A good first impression

Making a good first impression by making a few small changes

We meet a lot of new people on daily basis. Numerous studies show that conversing with strangers or anyone outside our comfort zone fosters expression of creativity. First impressions are important, and sometimes even critical because after that initial meeting, you might only be able to contact this person via email. Now there are a million ways to introduce yourself but often people go for the similar ones, which has the downside of being boring. It’s boring in the sense that if I met 20 people today, I would hardly be able to remember who does what, and one way of standing out is to focus on who you help instead of focusing on what you do and trying to make that sound important.

A sample conversation on this could go like this:

Hi, my name is Bernard, and I help companies identify and make the best use of their key performance indicators and big data.

This does two things well, one is that you stand out in the context of what you do. More importantly, if you’re meeting someone high-profiled, then you have just demonstrated to them if you and they have any common grounds. That connection is easy to remember as most people actively look for utility in networking events. It’s easy to remember something like, “Oh I have some big data implementation issues in my company, I know Bernard worked on similar things so let me try giving him a call.” Small changes can go a long way and this is just one such example!

This post was inspired by a Lifehacker blog post