Twitter's plans for AR/VR

Letter to the editor: LAUNCH Ticker

To the editor,

Re: Twitter’s plans for AR or VR product integration

I think that this new initiative at Twitter will end up solidifying their push towards video (live with periscope or short clips) and immersive media. We can imagine that Twitter is getting ahead of the curve by making their platform ready for consumption of videos through Oculus or other headsets, through the click of a button. Just as there is a button for “Retweet”, in the near future, there will be a button to “Watch in Immersive mode”, which will allow user-uploaded videos or live Periscope video-casts to be watched through headsets in 3D mode. This is similar to the recent moves made by Google in updating YouTube to have VR mode.

Depending on how the AR and machine learning are integrated, simulations may actually be rendered into videos, provided on the platform as live-updates. It’s not hard to imagine the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releasing a video mapping our local areas where Zika virus may be spreading fast. This would only be shown to users in Brazil for instance, and they can watch this video in an immersive mode with a high degree of accuracy. This is just one example of the exciting innovation we can hope to see on Twitter if they get video done right on their platform. Video will probably be the mode of consumption for the future, let’s hope that Twitter can gain the right kind of partners to make this happen.

Vikram Dhillon