Re - Liberal Blind Spot

I submitted this piece to the NY Times, as a letter to the editor. They rejected it, so I’m publishing it here

To the Editor: Re “The Liberal Blind Spot” by Nicholas Kristof, (column, May 28):

I am surprised at the outpouring of liberals arguing against the need for conservative voices on college campuses. Their argument is based on a modest proposal that conservatives live in a bubble, without any connection to reality, so they can’t be reasoned with.

They are just proving Kristof’s point: A difference in opinion becomes conflated with bigotry and then silenced as a result.

In this age of identity politics, the response from liberals reminded me of Nietzsche’s warning to those who slay monsters. Their knee-jerk reaction reflects the struggles of the past and a will to continue fighting but in the name of equality they have turned into the monsters they wanted to slay.

The conclusion I reached is that if intellectual freedom becomes tantamount to selective exposure, ghosts from the past will continue to creep out of the abyss.