Startup Markup Language

tl;dr: Startup Markup Language is a project designed to capture the logical and modularity of programming languages and apply it to business model generation in an intuitive and simple to use fashion.

Startup Markup has a very simple programmatic structure because we are not trying to make a new programming language here. This simple structure allows the user to focus on the organization of the business model itself and not the nuances of declaring variables and so on in a programming language. More formally, Startup Markup (SM) is an XML-like markup language designed to give tools for enable a structural outlook on startups in a new way.

SM uses well defined and documented objects as a basis for providing structure to our thoughts. These objects are not stored in any memory address, for all practical purposes they are merely constrains on your thinking and act as organizational tools in the markup language to guide you. We want to help entrepreneurs introduce small, cohesive and testable changes to the business model using SM, which can be quickly verified and we can move on with some confidence in our changes being positive. SM, therefore, is created as a method for the execution testing the hypotheses you have about your business model. Programming language use a compiler to create an executable end-product, for us the compiler is not a machine but instead the reader’s brain that processes simple english sentences written with programmatic logic to make modular components that capture the business model.

The smallest unit of work in SM is a function, every function written in SM deals with some aspect of the business model for instance listCompetitors or recentTrends. These functions are documented on their use however most of them are very self-explanatory. SM takes simple functions and then defines them in the context of easy to use objects which form the basis of implementing your thinking about the business startup model.

Another goal of startup markup language is to help non-developers to understand the basics of object-orientation and programming languages and to help developers understand business model generation to create a startup.

Please see the devnotes and a presentation explaining SM on github