Sunrise Calendar - Meet

Beautifully designed products moving into the future of seamless integration

I came across Sunrise Calendar a while ago, a beautifully designed calendar application. At the time, my needs from a calendar app were different - I needed to be able to put multiple widgets across the pages on my home screen and see different calendars on each of them. It didn’t seem like Sunrise Calendar provided that functionality so I went with another app. But this morning, I got an email1 to check out their new feature called Meet. I clicked the link to go check it out and I’m glad that I did - Meet is scheduling done right It has completely changed my mind on how task scheduling can be done and I think the folks at Microsoft have figured out the best way to do it.

Seamless integration of core services common to most applications has become a common thread in mobile development lately. It allows the developers to decrease churn rate because user doesn’t ever leaving the app. A very fundamental example of this is the share buttons (which are self-contained). Throughout android, most apps provide the share function which allows a user to share what they are reading or doing without ever having to leave the app. It is so incredibly convenient to be able to share content with any number of other apps because all of them also use the same sharing structure. Sunrise took this idea and transformed it into Meet, their genius was in identifying an alternative to the share button that can hold all their features. They turned to the keyboard - The key insight here is that the keyboard remains largely the same for every app, it is always within reach and visible to the user too.

I think the best part about Meet is a modular approach to scheduling where the calendar itself is self-contained and made available just like the keyboard. Traditionally, this was not the case. In a mail client like Gmail, calendar is a secondary feature. Making the calendar self-contained also makes it available to every app much like the sharing functions. That allows Meet to be used with any app that uses the keyboard. This integration of using the calendar as a keyboard is absolutely genius and such a delight to use. The lesson to be learned from Meet are that self-contained services like the calendar are only the beginning - Imagine what else can be self-contained: Adding new contacts, text messages, so on and so forth.

The future of mobile following this trend will be something like a layered approach - One layer will be the self-sufficient communication layer providing us with sharable assets such as: Text messages, Media messages, Links. And the second layer will be the applications that integrate these fundamental and independent self-sufficient assets into them providing a rich and seamless mobile experience.

  1. Email marketing still works! For me, new features are always an exciting invite.