What makes a developer?

A developer of the world

More than a programmer, a developer makes things and breathes life into them. I often refer to myself as a developer, not because I can I know how to code, but more importantly because I enjoy making things and watch them come to life as users interact with them. New meanings emerge from what you created and how it impacts the end-user, it’s much like art: You can draw a beautiful piece, but it doesn’t come to life until viewers interpret the piece and how it connects to their own lives. That art piece comes to life to everyone in some different manner. Our creations far outlast us and as developers, we feel the closest to understand the process of building an impactful life. This is not a limited mindset only available to those who code, it should be something that everyone can understand and relate to. Programming and software engineering is a very straight forward extrapolation of developing logic.

There are numerous other ways in which a person can become a developer: Teaching is one such area. Designing courses, the content is in many respects similar to programming. In teaching, we develop some material to address certain questions and provide a context in which the questions being asked provoke thoughtful discourse. The essence of development is not only to enrich the reader/listener but to leave them with more questions than when they first came in with. That fosters a long-lasting journey of personal fulfillment, enrichment and development. Alongside the professional qualities, a developer needs strong personal attributes like humility. This factor differentiates those who evolve into leaders. Often developers (programmer) struggle with communicating their thoughts, and it takes time to develop those personal skills but expanding your own mind from developer as a programmer to developer as a teacher will give you that confidence boost and that takes you to another level. The more you expose yourself to, the more horizons open up. Stigmas and labels keep us limited and hold back progress, so don’t do that to yourself. Free yourself from what is, and the world is yours for what could be.